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  • Choline alfoscer
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  • Investment the new plant
Choline alfoscer

In the year of 2010, Shanghai Yiyao also succeeded on its own in innovating synthesis of GPC, which established both their technically leading position and price advantage the day the factory came out with them.  So far, we have developed an annual industrial capacity of 50 tons, which will certainly reshape the geography of international GPC production.

  • Purity control

    Since June 2014, we use 99.0% as internal purity control standard instead of previous 98.5%, with single impurity less t...

  • GPC is qualified by endotoxin test

    In October 2014, our GPC is qualified by endotoxin test.

  • Investment the new plant

    In 2015 a new plant of 10000 square meters will be built, with investment of 5 million USD. With the new plant runn...


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Choline alfoscer